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4 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Diet

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4 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Diet Empty 4 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Diet

Post by auhcyelnats on Fri Sep 07, 2012 7:04 am

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4 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Diet

Edited by Arielle Kamps (guest contributor)

If you’ve ever tried going on a diet you probably know how hard it is, especially after your initial resolve disappears. Many people have been through the same roller-coaster ride. The key is not to give up on your healthy diet just because of a couple of failures.

If you stick to the healthy diet long enough, you will notice that your energy levels will go up, you are much less likely to contract long-term diseases such as cancer and diabetes, and you will probably live longer than if you consume an unhealthy diet. The following tips will help you stick to your new diet and make a permanent change in your health and lifestyle:

Tip #1 – Set achievable goals

At the beginning of a new diet, you may have strong motivation to lose two kilos every week or workout for an hour every day, but these goals are not realistic and can often hurt your body and mind.

Set achievable goals. Setting goals you can achieve will keep you motivated. Set your goals in stages rather than aiming for the moon. For example, if you are trying to follow a vegetarian diet, do it in stages by first cutting out all red meat, then cutting out poultry, followed lastly by cutting out fish and seafood.

Your interest in achieving your goals can be better maintained if you know what your motivation is – to stay healthy longer, be able to take care of your kids and grandchildren when you are older, to become more energetic, etc.

Tip #2 – Make your diet enjoyable

Don’t force yourself to eat foods you do not enjoy. Rather than eating spinach at every meal just because it’s healthy, eat it at every meal only if you enjoy it. Look for new recipes to keep things fresh.

You do not have to ban foods you love. Start slowly by reducing your serving of chips and gradually replacing it with fruits, for instance. Ensure you keep your house and bag stocked with healthy snacks you enjoy, and don’t starve yourself when you feel hungry in between meals.

Tip #3 – Manage your eating out

Be it going to a party or meeting some friends for lunch or dinner, diet plans often get disturbed when you eat with others. You can manage such situations by choosing places that serve healthier food. You can scout around beforehand, or have a look at the restaurant’s menu online. Order more vegetables and request for healthier substitutes for unhealthy portions of the dish.

If you are going for a party, make sure you drink plenty of water in advance and have a healthy snack at home before you leave to ensure that you do not feel too hungry at the host’s house. Take your time eating instead of rushing through the meal. Opt for water rather than sugared drinks.

Even if you do end up diverging a little from your diet, all is not lost – you can make up for it over the next few days. Eat until you are about 80% full, so that your craving is satisfied without too much damage. And remind yourself, tomorrow is a new day. If you messed your diet up today, don’t sit around feeling bad and depressed about it – get back on track right now!

Tip #4 – When all else fails, burn the extra calories off

Sometimes, that craving can overcome all the strategies above. Should that happen, ensure that you increase the intensity of your workout to make up for it. Engage a personal trainer if you feel that you are not sure how far to push yourself, or if you do not know which types of exercises are the best for you.

Exercise should be a regular part of your lifestyle, and it can be incorporated in fun ways instead of just visiting the gym. Take a jog around the neighborhood in the morning, take the steps instead of the lift, or do sets of sit-ups or push-ups at home.

Even the most determined person can face obstacles and difficulties when it comes to pursuing their healthy eating goals. Remember that you should focus on long-term fitness and health rather than on the temporary gain from crash-diets. Set reasonable goals and stay positive about them!

Tell us below in the comments about how you’ve benefitted from a healthy diet, and how you achieved your weight loss goals.

Edited by guest contributor Registered Dietitian Arielle Kamps, M.S., R.D, L.D.

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